Wood Heating Specialists

As one of Australia’s leading Saxon & Kent Wood Heater retailers, we have the right product range coupled with professional service to assist you with your affordable heating solution.  With experienced & trained professionals in sales, installation & service, offering complete maintenance services including flue cleans & installations, door rope repairs, door glass replacements, baffle plates made to order and stocking all spare parts & accessories including flue kits, cowlings, dektites, cleaning kits & fire bricks, we offer a true one stop shop for all your wood heating needs.  We’re proud to offer our renowned Quality of Workmanship Guarantee on all our installation works, our legendary PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE on our Saxon & Kent Wood Heater range, and up to 15 YEAR WARRANTY on all Saxon & Kent Heaters.

Saxon Wood Heaters are a result of over 25 years of practical development and a commitment to long lasting quality.  Simple yet efficient in operation, Saxon Wood Heaters have been designed for colder climates in urban and regional areas and offer unsurpassed quality in maintaining a high level of warmth and comfort during the cooler winter months.  Features include the renowned 8mm thick steel firebox design that comes complete with a 15 year warranty.  The Saxon range of Wood Heaters have been built with sturdy, smart looking bodies, large door openings and big door glass so that you experience the best possible view of the fire.

kent-ev8ud_1Buying a Kent Wood Heater not only gives you a clean burning and efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter, it also supports the Landcare movement.  By joining with Kent Wood Heaters and in turn Landcare, we are all working towards restoring the environment and protecting its long term viability.  No other form of home heating uses a renewable fuel supply and we want to ensure the supply is maintained for our future.  Designed and made for our unique conditions, Kent Wood Heaters set the standard in wood heating technology.  The firebox, the heart of all Kent Wood Heaters, offers the strength of our unique grade 6mm thick BHP steel, which maintains a thermal efficiency second to none.  The Kent Wood Heater range is truly ‘The Flame of the Future’ in combining state of the art low emission technology with style and ease of use.